Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Well now, time for a much needed update.

Jed can always make you smile!!
We went up the the Nactigals for a visit in middle July. It was a lot of fun to see them and the Scultz clan again. There was lots of fellowship and volleyball. ;)Here we are singing for the church service on Sunday.

They let us play a few songs as well.

"Jesus is the Rock"

"Nothing but the Blood"

We went on a hay ride that night. Left to right: Paula (my cousin) Tricia, Julie, me, and Sarah.

Now to our county fair. It was a busy but fun week. After a sleep over, here me Caylee and Laura are pretending to hitch hike for the camera.

This year we had a lot of good bands come in to perform. My lovely sisters and me, waiting for a concert.

My cousins came to visit, and for the concert. Jacob, Malachi, me, and Micah.

Josh Turner. It was a very good concert.

SheDaisy. Was good, but very wet. ;)
Now state fair. After showing goats for 4-H on the 25th, my brother, Jacob, called and asked who sang 'Dream Big'. I won our county amature contest singing this song, and was going to perform it again on August 27th for the state contest. Anyway, it turned out that Ryan Shupe, and the Rubberband (the song writers) were there at the fair!!! We made it to the 4 o' clock show. My dad bought a cd for me and we had them autograph it. Next thing I know, my dad's telling them how I won the talent contest singing their song and I was going to sing it again in two days. I was a little embarrassed, but in that way that only your parents can embarrass you.

Me and the band!
I ended up singing 'Dream Big' to them!! I was so flustered, but I'm glad my dad did it to me. ;) It was a once in a lifetime experience.

I stayed up at the state fair for 2 weeks as a state 4-H ambassador again this year.

Here I am, at the state talent contest. There was a 1st and 2nd place award, but I didn't place. It was fun though. My Grandparents, Aunt, Cousin, Mom and Sister were all their to watch me and cheer me on. Of course, they all thought my performance was flawless, but I knew better. I was very glad to go home. I missed my family so much. One of the best things was when I got home, Jed remembered me (he sometimes forgets me when I'm gone for a long time) and walked into my arms. I love them so much!!! So, I am home and well. Yahweh bless.