Thursday, April 24, 2008

Behind the music!

I thought I would write up the stories (if they have stories) behind the music on my cd. Thanks for the idea Naylors!

Remember now: This was the first song that I wrote, that I still sing. :P My old guitar teacher, Steve, as part of my lesson, had me start to write my own songs. Thanks Steve! I don't know if I would have attempted this otherwise. We actually started to record this song, but we took the summer off with lessons, and I could never get a hold of him that fall (that was the end of my guitar lessons). This song talks about temptations/confrontations we may have in life, and reminds us what Yahweh did for us.

Help me: This song actually started out as a prayer. These were some things I had been praying for. I realized what a long list it was becoming, and that some of the words rhymed. From there, it turned into this song.

Dear Lord: Few of you know, that this song was actually inspired my Ted W. In one of him baptism classes, he stated how you weren't expected to take up Yahweh's cross once and struggle on (very hard since we sin everyday), but to take up His cross every day. Every day was new day. Yahweh's mercy is new every day. A very short song, but it's nice to sing it in the morning.

Empty:This is one of my favorite songs. The songs about when you feel empty, and restless, to ask the Lord to fill you up with Him. Let His love, and contentment fill you.

Hear our prayer: My dad asked me one day, if he wrote me some lyrics, would I make a song out of them. He came to me with Matt. *$&% and said this had been on his mind lately. From there I put it in verses and a chorus. I actually added in a riff later.

They prayed: I wanted to write a song for my parents, and this is what came of it. It is the story of how a parents prayers are passed on to their child. I surprised them with this song when I sang in Illinois. I can never look at my parents while performing this song, or I choke up.

The Lord's watching over me: I think this is the third song that I ever wrote. I didn't think much of it until I played it for my family one day, and my mom stated that she really liked this one. That gave it new found value.

Something more:A simple song about how stubborn I can be, but Yahweh sees what I can become, and I want to become that someone.

Nothing new: I've been told that this song is different compared to the rest of my songs. It tells how there is nothing new under the sun. Everything that's happening today, has happened before.

Galatians song: Taken from Galatians 1:3-5 & 2:20 We were memorizing Galatians 2:20, and while reading through Galatians I had written these two verses down together. Looking back one day at these verses, this song came to me.

I give praises: This song talks about how I'm traveling down His path. It's hard, but it's worth it, and I'll praise Him through it all.

Yahweh blessed me with these words. They are all inspired by Him. All praise, glory and honor to Him!

My cd is available wherever music is sold.

Just kidding. :D

Yahweh bless!