Sunday, August 17, 2008

Museum and county fair

Well, it's long past time for an update. :) I've been busy, to say the least. Summer usually is busy for me.

Betsy took some more photo's of me and my guitar for an add in SALT magazine. The McDermont family have 12 children, and there magazine is filled with wonderful articles on topics like what a blessing children are, to courtship stories, to... a lot of stuff. :P Here's their link. They were nice enough to put an add in their magazine for my cds.

Our family got to go the the MN Science Museum to the Star Wars Exhibit! Here's a group shot of us with a speed rover in the background.

Suddenly, a droid rolled up behind us. Lol.

Betsy and I made a new friend.

Addie and I

Me and Jed and Darth Vader. *Pause for slow Darth Vader sounding breathing*

No more pictures!

Me and my Mom. :)

Daddy and I.

Lol, K the walls in this room were mirrows so I couldn't resist. :)

I love how these look! Prysims

As a surprise my parents took us all out to dinner. It was really good! And fun! We don't go out much. :)

Mom and dad

Next came our county fair!!! A week of busy fun! I was a cloverstand (our 4-H food stand) manager this year, so I had to work three, 8 hour shifts. That was tough! Besides that I had two goat shows, I had to help with the baby animal show, and then do fashion review and share the fun. I also sang the National anthem at two horse shows, and the Llama show. I've never sang the national anthem before, and I was really excited to do it! It sure is a hard song to sing though!

This is a photo I took and brought to the county fair.

This one too. DAISY

Here I am showing my goat at one of the shows.

I played 'They Prayed' for a Share the Fun recap at the fair.

My two cousins Micah and Malachi, and a friend from Wis. Orion came for part of the fair. It was a ton of fun with them around.

Group shot. Don't Micah and I look cute! The others were jealous, so the next one they wanted us serious. :P

So here's a serious shot. :) Lol.

Also, I am in 4-H arts in! We put on a little play 3-4 times during the day at the state fair grounds during the MN state fair! I'll be there for the full two weeks if you want to come visit! :) It should be fun! Then this fall I have a lot of get-togethers to go to! I love seeing people :)

Yahweh bless.