Friday, November 23, 2007

CD: Comments please!

Hello again! As the recording of my first CD is coming up fast, I wanted your impute on some pictures I'm Thinking about using. :) Let me know what you like via comment or e-mail. The picture #'s are above the pictures.










Btw, my wonderful little sister Betsy (age 9) took pictures #2-11!
Yahweh bless! Molly

Monday, November 5, 2007

My month of October

Hello again! I though I could at least update what's been happening for me this last month.

I Helped (or rather he helped me) my brother Seth make some apple Cinnamon rolls. He was pretty exited as you can see!

Yours truly, caught on the computer again.

Jed with dinner on his face. !

Now for some random pictures I took. Here's one of our driveway, pot holes and all. We get pot holes every year in the same exact spots on our driveway.

A sunset.

The sunset a little later. The jet trails add to the picture.

Fall leaves

Addie in the leaves. The light was to far gone to give it the effect I wanted.

We had our county banquet! I was the county president this last year. I also won the ambassador of the year award!

The leaders council. Left to right: Nick (Treasurer), Jenny (secretary), Randi (Vice-president), and I (president).

The Kids and I all dressed up to go to a 4-H Halloween party! If you didn't guess, I'm a hippie. ;)

And my 19th birthday! My sister Emily, and her baby Christian, and my uncle and aunt and there kids all came over for a dinner or Reuben sandwiches and cheesecake! My favorites. We get to pick our meals on our birthdays.

And the annual picture of me and my (cheese)cake.
Well, that's been my month of October. Not a very exciting month, but they always whoosh by. Yahweh bless!