Friday, March 23, 2007

My brothers have been working hard collecting tree sap and making maple syrup. This is a tree they cut down (without asking!) beside our house to use for fuel. I think they've made a little over a gallon of syrup so far. It's well worth it during the cold winter months to get a treat like that. The house is sweet with the smell of boiling sap.

This is the front to my hope chest! It's coming along nicely, though my dad and I are finding it hard to work on it often with our busy schedules. We still need to make the body and stain it all. My dad is a very good carpenter. He told me a story about how he was making my mom a hope chest (before they married) and one day he was working on it and my mom came over for a surprise visit. My dad was a little annoyed and flustered. Luckily she didn't find out, but she distinctly remembers that say when my dad didn't seem happy to see her.

We had a wonderful dinner tonight. Turkey wild rice soup with freshly made sour dough bread and Tapioca pudding for dessert. My mom can cook so well! Unfortunately Jed had a hard time eating, so most of his dinner got spread onto his shirt.

Yahweh bless!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sound of Music

My latest news is that I got into the Sound of music play! Yay! I love being in plays. I got the part of Leisl, the oldest girl of the Von Trapp family. Practice starts tomorrow. This will make my schedule even busier.

We had the samanski family over for lunch today. So the morning was made up of everyone running around trying to make the house spotless right up until they arrived. It's always like this whenever anyone comes over. Gotta love it.

The days are warmer, and the snow is melting. The only bad thing is the mud. Spring is here! I love the warmer weather. Yahweh bless.