Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wisconsin camp

The 2007 Wisconsin bble conference had come and gone. And what a time it was. We headed up on Friday afternoon and stayed through Sunday. On Friday night, our band performed. It was a lot of fun, and Lord willing we will be doing it more in the future. I also sang a song for communion on Sunday. The rest of the conference was spent listening to the family bands and the wonderful speakers, and fellowship. I must say that my favorite part of these conferences is seeing my good friends. We all live too far away! Volley all was fun! I'm getting better. ;) Now here's some more pictures. I finally got them up.

Medal of Honor. This was our first time performing!
A silly picture I just had to post of me, Tricia and Katie. I love Katie's expression.

Me and Tricia, a very dear friend of mine.

Maggie F. On stage.

Mr. Farnum
Three of the Farnum children.
The lovely Mrs. Farnum.
Serious Hannah Farnum.

The beautiful and talented Naylor girls.
A rare shot of John. He's always hiding behind Tera.

My goofy brother Seth and I. He love making faces for the camera.

My wonderful parents.
Tera playing Cello

Anna and Sarah.

Half of the Naylor band.
And the other half.

My brother Jed looks like he's enjoying the attention!

The Lord made children irresistible.
Katie Jed and I. Jed's funny face.

Beautiful Katie.

Brian Russel singing to his two little girls. He's expecting his seventh child!
Caleb with his lovely camera.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Pictures of the Wisconsin camp

Suzie and I
Nathaniel Farnum


Tricia and I

Mr. Farnum's serious face

Mr. Farnum doing push-ups. The push-up contest is going to be an annual contest now. Brian Russel was the winner this year.

Sarah S.


Katie posing

Tera and Sage
On Saturday night, we had a bonfire down by the lake. We sat and listened to the Naylors tell funny stories, and show off their peculiar talents. Well, every one did actually. This is a picture of the bonfire. I think this picts really neat.
My camera must have a heat seeking setting. You can see the orange from the heat of the fire, and the boys seem to be smoking a little.

John's lovely foot. In the fire is a water bottle full of water. The plastic won't burn if there's water in it. One of the Naylors experiments.

Again, you can see heat. Jeremy had just had his camera up by the fire (taking a picture) and as he pulled it away, you can see the heat.
I caught Jeremy's camera flash!

Group shot.

Nathaniel F.
Maggie dancing up on stage!

The Naylors.

Sage enjoying playing the Cello.

Tera singing her song. It's very good!

Anna and Tricia holding my nephew Christian!

Christian. He's cute for a living.

A rare shot of Caleb.

Sarah, taking out the Trash.

Daniel F. We had camera wars to see who could get the most pictures of each other. I got a lot of pictures of people holding there camera's in front of their faces, and of Caleb's back.
They look like their not speaking to eachother.

My little brother Jed did not get along with John for some reason. But John kept trying and eventually got to hold Jed without having him cry. It was funny. My little sister brought him in to the room when the Naylors were playing on stage, and Jed saw John and started crying.

Jed wearing John's hat.

Jeremy right after he succesfully took 3 picts of me in a row.

Me and Christian

Katie waiting for the ball

We played Volley ball on Sunday afternoon.


Mr. Ted W.

Group shot.

The storm coming.

The conference room.

It rainged hard on the way home. My windshield whippers couldn't work fast enough.

The sun peeking through the clouds.