Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial weekend

We had our annual Memorial weekend gathering this last weekend. Medal of Honor played in the morning, followed by a sermon from my dad, and then fellowship.

Here Doug is playing guitar for "This is my Fathers World".

Doug and Emily bought a sound system, and here, my brother Jacob is working on it.

My sister Emily on the mandolin

Doug on the fiddle.

My dad holding my youngest brother, Jedidiah.

Betsy on the tambourine.

Seth and Betsy singing "Jesus is the Rock".

My dad. His sermon was on Gods truth.

To keep Jed occupied, I would latch my hair clip in his hair. He thought it was hilarious.

Here, it's on his foot.

Tiffany E. and my Nephew, Christian.

The Ellingson girls and their dad singing acapella, by acapella.

My Cousin Louie and I.

My brother Seth with Hannah S. in the background.

Hannah S. with Elsa E.

Sarah S. playing violin. The Shultz clan privileged us with their musical talent.
Zach and Matthew S. The look alikes.

A picture my brother Luke took of me.

My dear friend Ashely E.


Dave T. and Ethan E. performing.

Tired babies. Christian and Jed.
All the children from our gathering.

There always has to be a goofy one.

Our fire. My dad told me once how fire reminded him of Yah. Consuming, beautiful, frightful, ever moving.

Daniel S. holding Christian.

Mr. Dave T. holding a licorice container. My mom loves licorice, so she bought some special stuff, made in Holland. She failed to see that it was an extra salt package! It's really gross. So as a joke we handed out salty licorice at our gathering. Dave licked his piece with the tip of his tongue, and that was enough for him. During our push-up contest he said if someone put one of those licorice under his nose, he'd do a hundred. Well, three were placed under his nose while he was doing his push-ups. He said later that the three had sapped his strength. ;) Jacob won the push-up contest at 60 something. Yahweh bless.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The sound of music

Well, 'The Sound of Music' is finally over. I'm glad we're done, because it was getting exhausting, but I'm going to miss it just the same. For those of you who don't know, I was cast as Liesl, and Betsy my sister, was cast as Marta, two of the Von Trapp children. Here's some highlights of the play.

This is the scene when we are first introduced to Maria.

Singing 'Do Re Me'.

Here we are singing 'The Hills Are Alive'.

This is the wedding scene.

Beginning of act 2. Uncle Max is telling us that he signed us up for a concert.

A general has come to take our father to the army, but Maria convinces him that we have to sing in the concert.

The concert

The Von Trapp children in our sailor uniforms.

Sailor uniforms


My friends, Annmarie and Kate, and me.

After one of the performances, we had a cast party. Here we are in a tree house.

Goofy faces! Back row: Annmarie, Jessica and I. Front row: Macy and Betsy.

We had a sleep over at Kate's house. We were up until 5 a.m.

Stuart (with twizzlers in his mouth) and I.

Party costumes. Left to right:Kate, Stuart, Betsy, Me, Charley, Macy, and Ross.

Betsy and Macy with me in the background.

Our night gowns.

Wedding clothes.

Betsy and I in our concert clothes. I look like a cookie maker!

Curtain costumes. Mine was like a dolls dress.

At the last cast party, we pretended to smoke carrots.

Here's Steve our director, and I. Steve is awesome. He respected my odd request.
I love this picture. Left to right: Marta, Jessica, Jessica, and I.

Left to right: Betsy, Annmarie, Charley, Kate, and I.
Some interesting facts about the real Von Trapp family. Maria was very overpowering, and Mr. Von Trapp was a meek quiet man. There were over twenty years age difference between Maria and Mr. Von Trapp. Maria refused to let her daughter marry for fear it would break up their band. When they escaped from Austria, they did not climb over the mountains. They took a train!