Friday, October 17, 2008

A song from 7 brides for 7 brothers comes to mind...

Exciting news!!! Some of you knew this was coming, but for the rest of you…

Orion and I are officially courting! Here’s the story leading up to it.

Well he started pursuing me (lol, that sounds funny) back in May after our church group got together in Chetek, Wis. but it really wasn't official until recently.

After Chetek, he came to our place on Memorial weekend when we had our church group over at our house. I remember thinking “Hmm I wonder if he’s interested?” A girl can dream can’t she? It was a bit strange that he came all the way to our house for a little church get together.

I had first seen him at Chetek about three years ago, and I thought “Hmm, who is that?” I had first met his sister Lauren back then, but I never really talked to him. I remember Lauren introducing us, but I had to leave to go do something right away, so I said “Hello”, and then turned around and left. The more I think about it now, the more I think it must have looked like I was blowing him off. :P

Then, Jake, Luke and I went to a Wis. HSA gathering where we stayed at Tricia’s for the weekend. The Shultz family was organizing the event. The Charneski’s, Orion and Lauren and a few more friends came, so we had a day of volley ball, dancing, good food, cards, and visiting. Fun times! That was also the day that it stormed really bad and we actually saw funnel clouds on the horizon.

Then Lauren invited us over for the fourth of July, so Jake and I went. Lauren and I were good friends at this point, but I was still wondered about Orion a little. We camped out at his folks place the 3rd and 4th, and then we (Lauren, Orion, Jake and I) went to Tricia's right from there for a weekend visit (that was a long weekend!). So more volley ball, dancing, and visiting on the rock. ;)

Orion called after that weekend, just to see how our trip was home, and we small talked for a while. Then, he called again. The next time he called, dad talked to him and asked what his intentions were. *Gasp* Lol. I love my dad!

Then, Orion came down for our county fair in August, for the weekend (Fri-Sat), and dad talked to him more.

Dad also gave Orion limited calling time, until we got to know him better.

While I was at the state fair (for the two weeks for 4-H arts-in), Orion came up with my family to the state fair on a Sunday. We (Luke, Jake, Orion, my cousin Malachi and I) walked the expanse of the fairgrounds, and even rode on the river raft ride twice. The first time I was wearing Khaki pants that apparently become see through when they get wet. So I had to retreat to the 4-H building to change my clothes before we went on the ride for a 2nd time. 8) Argg! That was embarrassing!

There was a 2nd Wis. HSA gathering in Mosinee Wis. right by where Orion lives. Luke, Jake and I stayed at our friends the Charneski’s overnight and camped out in tents. So we played volleyball and danced (we don’t do much else… :P) at the park on Saturday. Then on Sunday we played volleyball danced and went out to lunch on Sunday afternoon. More fun times!!!

On one of our phone conversations, Orion asked me to do this little test where you have five animals, and you put them in order from your most favorite to your least favorite. Well I failed, miserably. See each animal represents something, supposedly in the order of things most important to the least important, to you. My order turned out to be money, pride, (there was one more in here but I can't remember what it was) family, and then love. Argg! So I was like, “Great! I guess I know what my true standards are!” It was just a silly test… But I guess Orion felt bad, because a few days later I got home from a day of nannying and when I went up to my bedroom there were the paparazzi waiting for me. Camera’s flashing and videotaping. I was really confused as to why my siblings were in my room taking pictures of me? Really! My family can be so embarrasing sometimes! When my head finally cleared from all the flashes, I spotted them. A beautiful vase of flowers. The flowers were sent by an 'Anonomys Sender'. Seriously. That's what the card said... Lol. You'd think the flower shop would have known how to spell it. :P That was realy sweet of Orion though!

On the first weekend of October we had another church gathering at our house. Some friends of ours, the McDermotts came up all the way from Missouri. Orion was able to come on Friday night and stay until Sunday afternoon. We danced some more and played more volleyball. That’s not the only thing we do, I promise, but it’s a tradition I guess. It just wouldn’t be the same to get together and not dance or play volleyball.
On Saturday night, Orion, Luke, Sarah S., Matt S. and I took a late night run to Wal-Mart. I must say, going to Wal-Mart late at night is quite entertaining! You have to do it with the right people though. :P Then when we got back, Matt S., Sarah S., Tyler E., Zachary E., Orion and I sat out in my secret place (Shhh, it’s a secret!) and talked a bit about religion. :P Oh yah! :D

This is about the point when dad gave Orion permission to call and talk more often. As Orion calls it, he was moved up to the unlimited plan. :P

And then Illinois was this last weekend. Orion didn’t think he could make it, but it turned out that he could! He drove in around 1 a.m. on Saturday morning. Luke, Morgan H. and I had stayed up until he got there, even though curfew was 11 p.m Shhh! We had left little clues for him on white napkins duct taped to the ground, with arrows pointing to the boy’s dorm (he’d never been to the Illinois conference before). The Illinois conference schedule was really packed, so we didn’t get a lot of time to fellowship. So on Saturday night, Sarah C., Orion and I stayed out late talking, until 2 in the morning. Shhh! We had my parents’ permission. :P So, Orion had to leave right after the conference had officially ended on Sunday. :(

Anyway, these are the events leading up to now. We would appreciate prayers, that we guard our hearts and keep our minds open. We are striving to see if this is Yahweh’s will.

And for those of you who don’t know what I am tlaking about, here’s a short definition of courtship: Courting is like dating, but usually with chaperones. It’s ‘dating’ with the ending outcome of marriage (if that is Yahweh’s will), not just fun for now, like modern dating.

Illinois 2008!

The Illinois tabernacle conference has come and gone. The schedual was really packed with speakers and singers, but it was all great fun!!! This year, Jake, Luke and I were able to get down there on Thursday night, and leave on Monday morning. That was an improvment, because it gave us more time to visit and fellowship with the people still there on Sunday afternoon. Lord willing we will be able to do so again next time.

So, we got down there around 9-9:30 on Thursday night. I was so tierd from the ride that I pretty much said hello to everyone and then went to bed.

Sarah and I right beofore we brushed our teeth on Thursday night.

On Friday morning, the Couckes and us, went to Wal-Mart for some last minute supplies.

Luke was pretty excited to be getting fruit loops. :P

Also on Friday, morning, we watched an old Jackie Chan movie in the library downstairs. :D Jake and I.

Then we had a big photo shoot of us sitting in a tree out back. :P Thanks for taking the pictures Jake and Josh!!!

Then we trecked out for our annual hike in the woods!

I'm coming!

Pretty red leaves!

Fun times!

Volleyball! Here, Luke's about to smack it into the air. Which direction, nobody knows.

On Friday night, I was able to sing a few songs! I played the popular "They prayed". And then Luke, Addie and Morgan Hurt got up and played "Walk by Faith" and "Love the Lord" with me.

Morgan plays the bass. We have been meaning to jam together for a while now, so we actually did it this time!!! He only practice the songs twice before we got up and performed them, and he did such a great job at picking them up! Thanks Morgan!

On Friday night, we danced!!! The virginia reel, and postles, but I missed that one. :( Daniel F. taught us the patty cake polka!!! That was fun!

Katie W., Amy W., Laiel U. and me. Three girls that I love dearly!!! They are three of my biggest role models! I wanna grow up to be just like them! :P

Saturday wizzed by. Like I said, the schedual was packed!!! Sat night though, there was more dancing!!! We did the old favorites, and I taught them 'O Johnny O', which they seemed to love!!!

On Sunday night, we played electricity and musical chairs. I believe they danced some more too, but some how I missed out on that. :(
Group shot of all the older kids still at camp on Sunday night!

It was sich a great time!!! I miss you all! :D
Yahweh bless!!!

Nature photos!

On my way home from nannying about a week ago, it had just finished stroming, and as I was driving home I was on the borderline of the storm. Directly above me to the right, the sky was dark blue/gray, and to the left were a few scattered clouds and the beautiful sunset! It was amazing! So when I got home I snapped these photos! There was a beautiful rainbow! My breath was taken away more than once while scanning the gorgous scene around me! Enjoy! Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Yahweh bless!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

In which friends visit, we attend a rendezvous and a wedding at whom we know no one...

We had another gathering at our house consisting of our church group on the first weekend of October. The McDermotts (Authors of SALT magazine) came all the way from Missouri and they spoke on Friday night to some local homeschoolers, and then again on Sunday after the service. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Well, on Sat. we (the McDermotts, Shultz, Orion, the Ellingson kids, and us, I think that's everyone...) went to our local rendezvous. It was a lot of fun, but I didn't get any photos! :( I kicked myself for that later. I had left my camera in Orion's car. Anyway, right after we walked through the gates we were pulled into a teaching of an old fashioned dance. It was entertaining, but very simple compared to postles. :P We then split up and started to wander around the park. We found the licorice stand that I have to go to every time we attend the rendezvous, and I bought 5 dollars worth! The blue is the best! Jake and Orion helped me eat it all by the time we left. David and Orion both found throwing knifes to buy. I tried throwing a tomahawk, but the first time I threw it too high, and the second time I threw it too low. :P I did have some success with Orion's knife though. Unfortunately we had to leave early, because I had been asked to sing at a wedding on Sat. afternoon.

I had met the bride and groom for the first time at the wedding rehearsal! I didn't know anyone but the brides grandparents!!! Well, it was a good experience. Orion volunteered to brave out the awkwardness with me. I sang "When you say nothing at all" and then "They prayed" during the lighting of the unity candle.

Me singing at wedding

After the wedding ceremony ended, we went home to supper and then a dance!!! We had a few other local friends over in addition to all the people we already had here.

Tyler and Luke being themselves. That blue bottle was bought at the rendezvous full of root beer. I wish I had bought one, just for the cool bottle!

Kathleen M. and Elizabeth S.

Josh and Daniel Shultz

Red was waving his sword at me, and this is what I got...

Saturday night we had about 50 people sleeping over. It was a tight squeeze but we managed to fit everyone between the upstairs, living room, basement, and barn.:P

On Sunday morning, the rest of our church group came, and we had a little service. 'Medal of honor' got to perform, and we introduced a few new songs. It's always great to be able to play with the band. The rest of the day consisted of volleyball, food, and fellowship.

Sarah and I. I <3 you!!!

And that's all folks! I am sorry that I didn't get anymore pictures! :(

Yahweh bless!

Monday, October 13, 2008

2nd annual HSA gathering. Aka... party at Charneski's!

Whew, it's been too long. :/ Funny story... I got everything ready to post on there for this update, and then realized that all the pictures were out of order! Grrr! That took foever to fix. :P Ah well.

Well, I suppose I should do this in parts, and in order. I have a lot to update on.

We'll start with the HSA gathering, at the Charneski's.

To sum up the weekend, we hung out with bikers, went to a bar, smoked new things and didn't sleep much.

Jake, Luke and I were able to all go, and we drove over on Saturday.

This was the sunrise on the trip up. While I was snapping photos Jake said "It's the same sun that's in MN Molly." :P Ya ya.

I love this time on the year because of the trees beautiful colors! These trees were so beautiful!

The HSA party was at a park in Mosenie (didn't spell that right did I?) Wis. We ate lunch, danced, played music, ate some more, visited, played volley ball danced some more.

Lauren and I.

Moriel took this photo. I love how it turned out!
Tricia, Luke, Elonah and I were jamming a bit in the gazeebo for our small audiance.

After we had finished playing, we somehow got on the subject of movies we liked, the first and last movie we had seen in theaters and then on to politics... :P

On Saturday, a huge group of motorcyclists (aka, bikers) drove into the park. The motorcycles driving in

We had to get a shot with some of them! It was pretty funny!

Group shot! We almost got everyone in the photo...

A close up on a tiny purple flower. I like to see how close I can get with my camera.

The guys...

Orion, Matt and Luke. Matt and Luke are showing off their true personalities. ;)

There was a beautiful sunset on Saturday night!

Saturday night we went to the Charneski's for a campfire, and to camp out in tents for the night. Orion played a few tunes on his harmonica, and Tricia and I played a few songs via guitar and flute. Moriel began entertaning herself with trying to smoke a pretzle. :P

Sunday afternoon, those remaining went out to eat for lunch. We played a few games of pool, before enjoying our yummy food. The place was a bar and grill. :D

We stopped at this little shop across the street from the restaurant, and they had cheese hats! Luke and I had to try them out! We make cheese look good!

We had a little accident!

Lol, not really. :P Luke was just being a goof ball. You should have seen all the careful positioning that it took to make this photo look legit.

Watching volley ball!

There was a pond right next to the volley ball net, and the volley ball got knocked into it more than a few times. When trying to pull it back with a long pole no longer worked, we sent faithful Rocko (Elonah's golden retriever) in after the ball. He did so good, and by following his natural instincts brought the ball back to shore. Such a good dog! Of course he then promptly shook the water out of his coat and sprayed a few on lookers who were close by.

Tricia and I.

On Sunday afternoon we decided to have a competition to see who could dance the longest! We danced the virginia reel for almost an hour straight! It was a ton of fun, but I was tired by the end, and sore the next day! :P

Lauren, Amy and Brooke! They were just standing there like this, so I assumed that they were posing and just waiting for someone to come and take a photo of them. It turned out really nice!

I view this photo as a shining beauty through the dull surroundings!

Hmm, and that's all I have time for tonight. I'll try to update more soon!
Yahweh bless!