Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An update

Well I seem to be skipping updates in seasons. :)

We're towards the end of winter now, and have been blessed with a mild one this year. Uriah discovered that he enjoys being pulled around in a sled, while he relaxes and enjoys the scenery.

We're expecting our 2nd child come this June. I can feel the little one kick now, and still believe that it's one of the most amazing feelings ever! We're looking forward to meeting this new little one!

Otherwise, life if much the same. I have a nanny job where I watch a 3, and 1 year old about three days a week. They are an amazing family, and I'm blessed to have this opportunity. I might continue to nanny after our new addition, but we'll have to wait and see.

Uriah is 1 1/2 years old now, and it my pride and joy. He makes me love him more each day. He loves when I read him books. We have our "snuggle blankie", which he'll get it randomly through out the day, and come and get me for some snuggle time. <3

Orion's been busy with work. It's become the norm for him to work 6 days a week now. Some days are better than others it seems. Some days he likes it, others he wants a new job.

I just got back from an amazing visit with my family this last weekend. I love them all so much. I wish we lived closer. But for now, our home is here in Wisconsin. I pray, one day we'll be able to move closer.

We are hoping to make it to Songs For His People in Missouri in the begining of March. It'll be about a 13 hour trip, but it'll probably be the last one we can make in a while. It'll be harder to make these trips work with multiple young kids. But My brother and his wife, and some close friends are going to try to make it, so it should be fun!

My good friend Elonah is getting married the end of March. We've grown close the last few years, and it will be a sad day when she moves to Missouri after the wedding. I will miss her company, and our little jamming sessions. She'll have to visit often!

It seems like whenever I feel set in life, it changes. I get comfortable with how things are going and then bang, it shifts again. But I guess that's life for you.

Yahweh bless!