Monday, April 27, 2009


Lately I've been feeling more and more of how much my life is going to change come this June. How my much my life is changing!!! Some day's this wedding planning is overwhelming. I just want to be done!!! There's so much to do, so much to plan, so much to think about that sometimes I can't wait for June 20th to be here already!!! Not to mention how much I miss Orion.

But then, I see the other side of the coin. I hear my little brothers laughing and giggling while Seth reads a Jed a story. I hear the girls talking (sometimes arguing) in the the bedroom next door. And then I stop to think how much I'm going to miss all of this. Yes, even the arguing.

I'm going to miss the random road trips Jake and I take, living in the country, being able to run outside and let out a yell at any time of day, jumping on the trampoline with my siblings, playing music with the family band, harmonizing with Addie, being able to see my family everyday! This list really is endless. :P I've lived here all my life. Never moved. And now, I'm getting married! Starting out on a new chapter of life! Ahhh! That is an exciting, but terrifying thought! :D

So, I'm holding on to every moment that I have left here, trying to appreciate it in it's entirety. As much as I love Orion, I'm going to miss this so much!

The wedding plans are all coming along fine. The bridesmaid dresses are in the works. The musicians are practicing. The favors are being assembled. The programs are... in the works. :P There's a ton of daisies to be punched out and glued together. But things are coming along fine. :D It's nice to see things fall into place.

Find contentment in life, wherever you are, and don't take for granted all that you have at the moment, because you won't always have this moment.

Yahweh bless!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wedding plans

Wow! I knew weddings involed a lot of things. After all, I helped out with Emily's wedding, but wow! There's so much to think about, and plan!!!

Well as of now, we're going to have an outdoor wedding on the farm, like Emily's. Pray for good weather!!! We are renting a tent this time though, just in case!

We've narrowed down the wedding party (which was not as easy as it sounds), and the wedding colors, (Yellow, Teal and Aqua, (at least that's what I call the colors. :P I don't know if that's their porper names) and some silver).

We're probably going to have the wedding around 2, and now we're working on the menu and decorations. :) We are definetly going to have a dance in the barn! As of now Orion and I are taking off the night of the wedding for a honeymoon in Colorado! We wanted to see mountains and nature so that's what we get!!! I wanted to see the redwood forest, but we're now going that far this time. :)

When Orion was down visiting for a weekend, we spent an afternoon registering at Traget. That was a lot of fun! We also registered at Herburgers.

After the wedding I'll be moving to Wisconsin! That'll be a huge change for me, as I've lived here for my entire life!!! Big changes are happening! I've always wanted to move. I thought it'd be fun! As a kid, I used to pack up cardboard boxes with my things and then unpack them, pretending I was moving. :P Now it'll be the real thing!

Hmm, and update on my life in general...

~I'm still nannying twice a week, though this week I'm over here every day, as the Hansons are moving their family business, to another location.

~I was selected to sing at this years Mache homeschool conference in the cities this April! That's a big thing! I'll be singing 'They prayed' and "The Galatians song' two origional songs of mine.

That's all for now! :P Yahweh bless!

Friday, January 2, 2009

How it happened

It was December 31st 2008. We were all over at my aunt and uncles playing games and
waiting for the ball to drop bringing us into the new year. Orion was over visiting
through the weekend. It was about 11:40 when my mom got a phone call on the cell. We
were all playing Mafia in the living room. When mom got off the cell phone, she came
into the living room and said, "Well Molly, I have some bad news. That was the
neighbors and they said they saw a white dog out chasing their cattle and it got
kicked and then ran home. You have to go home."

So I, under the impression that my dog could be seriously hurt, or worse, went to get my coat on, a bit in shock. I heard Orion ask from the living room "Well, should I go with her?" Mom replied, "Yeah!" So Orion and I got into his bug, and started for home. I started to cry cause I was so worried about my dog. Orion kept telling me, "Molly, I'm sure he's fine".

We finally made it home, and Dreamer was nowhere in sight, although his cage door was open. I grabbed my bag and was going to head into the house to put my stuff in there and grab my boots so I could go look for Dreamer. But Orion stopped me and said, "Molly, wait, I hear something." He started into the woods. I put my bag back into his car. By that time, Orion was a good way off into the trees. He turned around, and when he realized I hadn't followed he said "Molly, come here. Look... dog tracks." I didn't clearly hear this corny line, and as I was still worrying about my dog, I didn't think twice on it. We ended up tracking out further, out to my brother's tree fort.

"We should go up there so we can look around, and get a better view." Orion stated. Now, I noticed the oddity in this line, so I paused. Was he serious? He's obviously not been around when my dog's gotten out before. Why would I look from up there? It was almost midnight, and though the moon and stars were shining brightly, it was still dark. Orion, seeing me hesitate, prodded on. "Come on Molly". So up I went, and he followed. The next thing I knew light filled the dark night. The balcony had been covered all around in Christmas lights. There was a round wooden table in the corner, with two wooden benches and a tiki torch in the middle where the table umbrella used to stand. We must pause here to explain the significance of the tiki torch.

See when Orion first came over to our place memorial weekend, I had gotten him wet
in a water fight, but Orion told me he never got mad, he got even. So later he was
sitting on the deck, and he said,"So Molly, we're even right?" And I was like, "What?" And Orion pulls out a water gun and gets me. So I grab a tiki torch
from inside the barn, and go to swipe it at him (all in jest of course!!!). But I
forgot that the top came off, and as I swung the torch, the glass container of tiki
torch fuel was launched towards Orion's head!!! Luckily it missed, but it was lodged
into the deck side, or so says Orion. :P

Back to new years night. The table was slightly covered in ice, and there was a vase
with a single frosted rose. Orion had misted it with water so it froze. The
water in the vase had also froze so the vase had cracked and broken, and was tilted
to the side, but it was still perfect! Two glasses were also set there, for the
sparkling grape juice that he had forgotten in his car. :D

So there I was, taking in this beautiful scene, and I started to laugh
hysterically. :o I get that from my mom I'm told. :P I couldn't stop giggling. Orion finished his way up, and said something like, "Your dogs fine". He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said, "Molly, will you marry me?" And I of course said yes. I thought later on that it would have been funny to tease him a bit and say, "Mmm, I'll get back to you on that", but luckily my humor was overtaken by love at the moment.

The ring has a sapphire in the center with two small diamonds on either side, and opal in the band on either side set in white gold. Sapphire is his birthstone, and opal is mine. Orion was worried that I wouldn't like this ring as i wasn't traditional, but I love it!!! A lot!!! :D It fits me, as I've been told, and I agree. :D

The morning after, we were trying to decide on a date for the wedding, and then we
started going through wedding plans like who would be in the wedding, and what the
colors would be, and who would officiate, and where to have it and so on and so
forth, and Orion says "I thought proposing was the hard part!" Lol.

And that's it. :) The wedding is set for June 20th of this year. Please keep us in
your prayers as we start take this new step in life!

Yahweh bless!