Thursday, May 29, 2008


Whew, I finally finished uplaoding all the pictures. :D Here's what's been happening in my life!

We had our annual Wisconsin get-together on Mothers day weekend. It was a blast! Up late, lots of visiting with friends, volleyball, canoeing (we canoed out to an island and it took us an hour to get out there (against the wind and waves), and only ten minutes to get back), and our band "Medal of Honor played.

We tried a few new songs, and the audiance seemed to like them. :D

Sorry I didn't get more pictures. I haven't been doing very well in that area lately.

For a mothers day present, we painted the living room purple to surprise mom! We surprised her all right! :P The color doesn't quite match our couches, but it's the thought that counts, right?

We then went to our cousin Shelly's wedding. She had quite the comotion. A phone went off in the middle of the service, as well as the bells announcing two O' clock (someone forgot to turn them off). It was funny though.

My name ^

Me and Seth, all dressed up!

My wonderful Mom and dad.

Here's Jed enjoying his drink.

Unlike some people I know...Seth loves wearing his ties.

Here's the kids showing off their muscles!.

We were seated up in the balcony.

Now I had had this really spontanious thought on Monday, that we could go and visit our cousin, Micah in South Dakota for the weekend, and all the plans played out! So after we ate, Jake and I followed (or rather Jacob followed in my car, I drove with Micah) Micah home to South Dakota!
We stayed at the Johnny Stebral's (a friend we had met before) house. We arrived down there around 1 in the morning, and let me tell you... walking into their house at that time of the day was a little unnerving. See, I'd never met Johnny's family before (all 13 of them) so I was basically walking into a strangers house in the dead of night! It turned out that Johnny, two of his brothers and Abe (another friend I had met) had been up practicing music, so I felt a little better.
It was a great weekend though! The little kids bonded (literally) to me right away. Johnny's graduation party was on Sunday, so we went to that after church. Then we had a very competative game of ultamite frisbee. Unfortunatly our team lost. :( We then ate supper and watched Bo(U)lder (Johnny's band) perform. Then we stayed up late into the night palying "I have never".

This is Johnny. This is actually a really funny picture, because Johnny isn't a serious guy at all. Their whole family is hilarious!

Me and Mary. :)

Here's Joshua doing the splits! Daniel can do them the other way, but unfortunatly didn't get a picture of it.

I thought this picture was really funny! :D

I got sunburn really bad during Ultamite frisbee. Again, Sorry for the lack of pictures. :) It was a great weekend, and I can't wait until our next visit!

Now for some pictures of the beautiful flowers that were blossoming here.

This flower is the size of my thumb!

Here's our plumb tree blossoms.

Seth and Jed hanging around on me.

Aren't my brothers CUTE!! Driving already. :) They grow up so fast!

This memorial day weekend, we had our church group over. Sadly, only the Ellingsons, Nachtigals, Shultz', Madisons, Wagners and Orion Logelbow could make it this year. It was, yet again, a blast!!! We had a service at 11 on Sunday morning, with Doug and dad speaking, and "Medal of Honor" played music. We then ate, played volley ball, set up a giant tarp (it was a windy day) to blow up in the wind, which we then turned into a giant slip and slide, and of course, dancing! And lots of it! We danced the virginia reel, Postals, and Oh' Johnny Oh' (which Johnny taught us when we were in South Dakota). We stayed up late (of course), and the Ellingsons, and some of the shultz' and Nachtigals, and Orion stayed the night. the next day was more dancing, cards, volleyball (when I got sunburn on my sunburn!), frisbee, a huge water fight, more dancing (seriously a lot! my feet were sore by the end of the weekend, which is good, cause I love to dance). Orion stayed another night, and us older kids went to go and see the new Indeana Jones movie, which wasn't as good as I thought It was going to be.
It was non-stop fun!! I like it like that!

Tricia and I!

A group picture!!

Yahweh bless!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A walk in the park

Funny story. :P I was nannying today, and I had brought three of my siblings, Addie, Betsy, and Seth, with me to play with the kids. They play very well together. After an intense game of pounce, they wanted to go to the park. The park was only a mile or so down the road and the kids were eager to walk, so I thought, sure, work some walking in. There was a dificulty with finding shoes for everyone, but we finally set off. Halfway there, Micah got tired so I carried him the rest of the way. Meanwhile, the sky was getting darker ahead of us. We finally made it to the park, and I let the kids play for about twenty minutes before the rolling thunder got too loud. I knew it was going to start raining soon, so I told the kids to stay under the banshell at the park, while I walked back to get the car. Off I went, and half way back, it hit. The wind picked up strength, blowing from the north, and the rain poured down. It fell so hard it felt like hail against my skin. In the middle of the storm, I had time to see Yahweh's mighty power. I felt fear at the rolling thunder and the flashing lightning, and peace in praying to Him for trust. By the time I made it back to the house, I was soaked. I got in my car and drove back to the park, where the kids had been anxiously awaiting my return. Little Micah had been worried that I had been struck by lightning. We ran to the house on our return, and I started to heat up some water for hot tea, and I threw my clothes in the dryer. We were soon warm and happy again, sitting in the cozy living room, watching "The Little Rascals", and enjoying our tea.
Through it all, I had kept a cheerful outlook. Even though I had to walk back in the rain, and got soaked. Yay! A good day. Sort of. :P

Yahweh bless.

Picture 1: the kids hanging around.
Picture 2: Raining. It doesn't look that bad, but it was cold and hard!
Picture 3: A bedragled me. :P

Here's a quote I was e-mailed today that I really like.
Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.