Friday, December 14, 2007


Well, I am going to attempt to give an accurate account of our trip to Oklahoma!

My brother Jacob, (no photo)

my friends Tricia,

and Sarah, came along with me on the long drive!

This is the Naylors beautiful house.

This is the adorable guest house us girls stayed in. I wish I had one of these hidden in our woods!

As soon as we got there, we were put to work. JK This is the lovely apple design we made.

We were sent outside to harvest what was left of the garden.

We experienced the swing. The hardest part was letting go of the tree! I didn't scream though. :P Jeremy swung after and apparently these boys have it down so well, they know which trees to hit off of so that they can grab onto the next one! Jeremy almost took his head off on a knot of the tree.

And here we are starting to record. Jacob caught me blowing my nose :P Unfortunately, we didn't get many pictures of me recording.

Here's Anna and Jesse. We played lots of cards at the Naylors. They taught us how to play scum, and pounce, and I taught them how to play James bond.

I love this picture of Tera!

Like I said, we played a lot of cards! I loved it.

One afternoon, all the girls took a tour of Guthrie.

We ended up at cute a little coffee shop!

More cards. :) When no one would play with me, I tried solitaire. I never succeeded. ;(

I think Jacob took this one. He did something with the shutter speed.

Me telling Jacob to stop taking pictures!

For dinner one night, we had baked beans, and I found a kidney bean in the can. :P I thought it was hilarious. We decided that whoever found the kidney bean had to do dishes, but we gave the kidney bean to Mr. Naylor, and Tricia and I did the dishes. LOL.

Jeremy's making a card tower. I think he made it to three stories. :)

We made snowflakes! My first one was rectangular.

Just chillin on the couch, and all of a sudden, the cameras swarmed!

OK, there's a story behind these next few pictures. :) The Naylors were teaching us to play Scum. I was king, and Caleb was my queen. :P LOL We came up with the rule that every time you layed two cards down you had to cross your fingers, and if you didn't, you had to stick out your tongue, pull on your ears, and let someone take a picture of you. Well, even though Caleb helped me create the rule, he forgot. :P

Jeremy was the second, and last. In the next game, Jer and I were the top two (I think I was queen) and the rule was we had to wink with our right eye every time we layed three cards, or we had to reshuffle our cards. Jer and I were the first two who had to do it.

Another couch/camera attack!

I was trying to get attention from Tricia, who was on her cell phone.

I don't know what Caleb was doing, but we thought this picture fit with "Don't you touch my sister!"

Caleb couldn't take the cameras!

This is a really good picture of Jeremy and his camera! They're never separated! JK. No, how would we get good pictures if someone wasn't ALWAYS taking them. LOL. Got to love it.

Here we're playing Cranium. I don't like this game.

Just chillin.

We played empire too! I learned so many new games there! I really liked this game too.

Jeremy's so photogenic! ;)

The power went out on Monday morning. It was an exciting day! The roof was leaking, so Jeremy was on the roof clearing the ice off, and Mr. Naylor had to cut a hole in Johnny, and Caleb's bedroom wall to dry it out.

Tricia Leigh

Jeremy juggling!

We took a trip to the boy's ranch annual nativity scene. Caleb said we were the loudest group he had ever gone with, so Tricia and I decided not to talk to him anymore. It didn't last very long. :P

Calebs hand. :P

The ice storm!

The volley ball net.

Icicles hanging of the overhang.

Me taking pictures!

This is one of my favorites, with the green contrast!

Breaking the ice off my car.

This is what an Oklahoma winter looks like.

This is all the snow they get!

Jacob likes this picture because it looks like I'm dictating.

Anna took this picture while the power was out.

We went out to Flat tire and enjoyed the fried pickles, and blowout burgers!
More appatising then it looks.

We had five laptops going at once!
Bowling! For our last day in OK. we went bowling. It was a blast! I think this bowling ball looks like a smily face! Jeremy took this one.

Sage and Tera.


Johnny, after he took Tricia's turn at bowling while laying of the floor. :P

Caleb sprawled out on the floor!

I don't think I was happy with the score.

Caleb snapping reactions.

Good reactions!

Jeremy finding a new angle.

I tried to hide, but I had to give up. :P

Tricia and Anna!

A cool picture of Tera.

My excited reaction. :P

John seemed to always be on his phone. :P

John and Tera.
Sarah on our way out of Wal-Mart.

Jake and I.
We started a thousand peice puzzle! I did my share of 11 pieces!


This is a serious picture.

The travelers!

Jacob found a new passion for photography this week!

And now, for the best picture taken of the whole vacation............

Thankfully, we got all the recording done the day before the power went out! Yahweh is amazing! The Naylors are going to mix it, and then send it up to me where we will create the cd templet. This visit was wonderful. We finished recording, and had a lot of fun, before we had to go. Unfortunatly we had to go home 2 days early on account of a new storm coming in. But it's probably better that we did. Wouldn't want them to get sick of us! :P The Naylor home is so peaceful, and they really do sing/hum all the time! Well, not ALL the time. They were exactly what I thought they would be. Not perfect, but striving to follow Yahweh's will. I love you all and miss you!
Well, that concludes my attempt at an accurate account of our trip. I hope I did well. I suppose I could have been more spesific, but I think you get the jist of it.
Yahweh bless!