Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wedding plans

Wow! I knew weddings involed a lot of things. After all, I helped out with Emily's wedding, but wow! There's so much to think about, and plan!!!

Well as of now, we're going to have an outdoor wedding on the farm, like Emily's. Pray for good weather!!! We are renting a tent this time though, just in case!

We've narrowed down the wedding party (which was not as easy as it sounds), and the wedding colors, (Yellow, Teal and Aqua, (at least that's what I call the colors. :P I don't know if that's their porper names) and some silver).

We're probably going to have the wedding around 2, and now we're working on the menu and decorations. :) We are definetly going to have a dance in the barn! As of now Orion and I are taking off the night of the wedding for a honeymoon in Colorado! We wanted to see mountains and nature so that's what we get!!! I wanted to see the redwood forest, but we're now going that far this time. :)

When Orion was down visiting for a weekend, we spent an afternoon registering at Traget. That was a lot of fun! We also registered at Herburgers.

After the wedding I'll be moving to Wisconsin! That'll be a huge change for me, as I've lived here for my entire life!!! Big changes are happening! I've always wanted to move. I thought it'd be fun! As a kid, I used to pack up cardboard boxes with my things and then unpack them, pretending I was moving. :P Now it'll be the real thing!

Hmm, and update on my life in general...

~I'm still nannying twice a week, though this week I'm over here every day, as the Hansons are moving their family business, to another location.

~I was selected to sing at this years Mache homeschool conference in the cities this April! That's a big thing! I'll be singing 'They prayed' and "The Galatians song' two origional songs of mine.

That's all for now! :P Yahweh bless!

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Amy W. said...

Thanks so much for doing a blog post on your wedding plans!:D

~Blessings and hugs~